Exercising During Cancer

We all know how important exercise is as part of a healthy lifestyle – but it is even more important for those suffering from cancer. Experts at Macmillan Cancer Support say that all patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment should be doing around two and a half hours of exercise every week. Research shows that exercise reduces [...]

‘Master switch’ that stops cancer cells from growing

British scientists have recently discovered a new way to stop cancer by manipulating a master switch responsible for cell growth. The findings, published in the Cancer Cell journal, expose how cancer cells grow more rapidly by producing their own blood vessels. Cancer cells gain the nutrients they need by producing proteins that make blood vessels [...]

Scalp Cooling Comes To Abu Dhabi

Paxman have recently delivered an Orbis Paxman scalp cooling machine to the Al Noor Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the first of its kind in the region. It has already been used by 16 patients with an incredible 74% success rate. One of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy treatment is hair loss. Scalp cooling [...]

Top tips for eating to prevent cancer

No food can single-handedly cure or prevent cancer, but with a balanced diet, we can reduce the chances of getting cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has put together a list of foods which it believes will help to fight cancer. Such foods include: Blueberries, Cranberries, Grapes and grape juice, Green tea, Tomatoes, Dark green [...]

Lifestyle changes can cut Cancer risks by up to 40%

A recent review published in the British Journal of Cancer has revealed that nearly half of the estimated 130,000 Cancers diagnosed in the UK each year are caused by avoidable life choices, including smoking, drinking and eating the wrong things.

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