NHS to make advanced form of radiotherapy available

New guidance has suggested that a new advanced form of radiotherapy- stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) – should be made available on the NHS to suitable UK cancer patients. It is believed that the use of SBRT may improve patient’s chances of survival, due to the new technology of several beams of lower radiation, angled around [...]

UK Government Set to Follow Australia’s Tobacco Announcement

The Australian Government has announced that all tobacco must be sold in plain packaging from 1st July 2012. Alongside this restriction, graphic health warnings must cover 75% of the front and 90% of the back of packs. According to Cancer Research UK Around 86% of lung cancer deaths in the UK are caused by tobacco [...]

Smiling in the face of adversity

Hope springs eternal, but in times of real hardship it can feel like that spring is running dry. Cancer sufferers and their loved ones know this all too well, which means that finding the right methods to turn mountains into molehills is of utmost importance. Scientists interested in how people with cancer stay positive conducted [...]

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