Taking Care Of Your Hair After Chemotherapy

After completing chemotherapy treatment, you can expect newly grown hair to have slight fuzz when it starts to grow back 2 to 3 weeks after. Aftercare at home is extremely important for the growth of your new hair and there are certain products which you can buy on the market to help speed up the growth. [...]

More UK Hospitals Receive Scalp Coolers

April has been a busy month for scalp coolers being delivered to hospitals throughout the UK – including London, Newcastle, Leeds and Harrogate. This is great news for chemotherapy patients in these areas as they will now be able to request scalp cooling as part of their treatment. Patients have the right to choose the [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of all of us here at Cool head, warm heart, we want to thank you for your support in 2009. Here’s to raising awareness that chemotherapy does not have to result in hair loss in 2010 and beyond! Did you know…you can follow us on Twitter: @CHWHcampaign and on Facebook – join up [...]

Me and My Campaign

Hi, I’m Susie and this is my campaign – Cool Head, warm heart. I’m a 45 year old mother of 3 children aged between 8 and 18 – so they can be quite a handful at times! I work part-time as a receptionist in a busy medical centre so I see and speak to hundreds [...]

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